Crock Pot Chicken and Next Day Chicken N

Crock Pot Chicken and Next Day Chicken Noodle Soup!!

Looking for a recipe that you can spread over two days?!? You have come to the right place Crock Pot Chicken w/ mashed potatoes (or your choice of side) one day, and Chicken Noodle soup the next!!…

(For Chicken)
1 Whole Chicken
Seasoned Salt
Garlic Power
Italian Seasoning
1 Box Chicken Stock (for after the chicken is cooked and taken out)

**If chicken is frozen make sure to THAW it out first!!**
Unwrap the chicken and discard the insides.
Rinse off the chicken
Spray your crock pot with non-stick cooking spray or rub it down with butter.
Place the whole thawed chicken into the crock pot and add seasoning to the top! (as little or as much as desired, although it doesn’t take much.)
No water or stock needed the chicken will create its own juices!!
Set you crock pot on LOW, cover and let it cook for about 6-7 hours
THAT’S IT!!! … But make sure to keep the juices and bones from the chicken for your soup!! Add a box of Chicken Stock to the left over juice from the chicken and let the bones simmer over night!

**Next day Chicken Noodle Soup!**

1-2 boxes of Chicken Stock
Left over Chicken
Egg Noodles
After you have allowed the broth and bones to simmer over night, you can now strain the bones from the juice and discard.
Add the other 1-2 boxes of chicken stock, depending on how much soup you want to make. (add water if still not desired amount)
Cut up vegetables and add them to the broth, and let them cook on low or high until tender (about 4-5 hours depending on the crock pot setting)
Add Noodles and Chicken when vegetables are done!
DO NOT ADD NOODLES UNTIL ABOUT 5 MIN BEFORE YOU EAT ( they will get soggy if they continue to cook)

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