For everyone who thinks Skinny Fiber is

For everyone who thinks Skinny Fiber is too expensive…..a must read….It could actually end up saving you money….

Betty says:
“Why Wait? I had someone tell me Skinny Fiber was “too expensive” so I did a little research. In 2013 alone I spent $3,000.00 in Emergency Room visits – stomach issues… $75.00 a visit (minimum of 5 visits this year) to my doctor because I was so sick… stomach issues.. bought countless bottles of Pepto – Zantac – Omeprazole – pain meds for RLS – creams for my rosacea – and new underclothes because of my IBS. Since I started Skinny Fiber – just 8 weeks ago – I have spent a total of $59.00 twice $118.00 TOTAL… and I no longer have RLS issues – no longer have IBS issues – my rosacea has cleared up… I’ve lost about 10 pounds and about 30 inches overall. When I compare what I have spent on my medical issues to what I spent for my Skinny Fiber – well… actually.. I see no comparison.”

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