This is my friend Joanne!! I am so happy

This is my friend Joanne!! I am so happy for her!!

Joanne says..
“You know that old saying; ‘You never know where your going till you get there’!?…well with Patience & Determination…I arrived at the Healthiest Happiest ME!!…talk about a blessing in disguise.
What was to be just a business opportunity idea for our Plan B, began a journey that has changed our life FOREVER. I have not taken a…ny allergy, acid reflux, or digestive medications in over 2 yrs… I have maintain my weight lost plus inches since I only now take skinny fiber for maintenance to eliminate the toxins we put in our bodies from the foods we eat if not organic even the water we drink if its not filtered. The first photo was before I knew of SBC/SF. My first year (may 2012 – aug 2013) was my journey to learn of my emotional eating habits to make the mindset changes my body needed, and this past year (aug 2013-aug 2014) has been my maintenance with 80% of healthy eating, water intake…plus being on vacation was an added plus… Great Combination!
Someone complimented me of my recent photo with a question when she said; “You look great did SF really do that?”
…I’m SBC4LIFE!!! You can be too.!”

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