My sweet friend Courtney and her amazing

My sweet friend Courtney and her amazing story

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Courtney says……
“Sitting here and looking at this before pic of me and I see a sad girl. I had a smile but it covered up the pain. I felt so helpless and stuck. At a size 28 and only 5′ tall, just getting in and out of my car was a struggle. Trying to latch a seatbelt was a totally different story. Just daily activities like tying my shoes or shaving were nearly impossible. My friends didn’t really understand cause they were all skinny. At the point I was at, I thought, why even try? It would take me forever to lose the weight. I had let myself go too far.

I did everything. Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Low Fat, Low Calorie, etc. I even took a diet pill a doctor gave me and ended up in the hospital for 5 days with heart palpitations.

I can picture myself watching the Biggest Loser while eating a carton of ice cream wishing my life would change. I even tried out for the show twice and felt even worse when I wasn’t picked. My way to cope was eating myself into an almost comatose slumber every night. Then while sleeping I would wake up gasping for air due to my sleep apnea. I definitely wasn’t living.

The worst day of my entire life was attending a meeting with my son’s swim coach and all the other parents. I walked in the room and walked to the desk and couldn’t fit. Imagine being in the room and having everyone stare at you while you walked to the back of the room and stood for the entire meeting. I can still feel the tears falling down my face. I felt like such an embarrassment to my boys.

I thank God everyday that I found Skinny Fiber. I have been on it 17 months now. It is not a miracle pill where you lose all of your weight overnight. Those “miracle” pills may help you lose weight fast but the end result is twice as much weight put back on. I am learning to eat right and make better choices. It is coming off slower but I have no doubt that it will stay off. Something else I have learned is, as you lose the layers of fat you go through alot emotionally. YOu discover who you are and how strong you have been. I am so proud of myself and the woman I am becoming…..

Oh yea, guess what? Since losing all this weight, I’m 5’1 now! I grew an inch!!!! Maybe I will be 6′ tall when I am done! Lol ”

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