Wow Veronica!!!!

Wow Veronica!!!!

~ “I’m so excited, I couldn’t wait to show you!!!!
This is me after 6 months with skinny fiber, I have been heavy most of my life and had totally given up was really getting depressed and bigger on BP meds knees and ankles hurting everyday, not doing anything when I came across a add for a weight loss support group, so I joined and watched kept seeing all these people getting great results, I thought it was a scam I was skeptical I’ve tried it all, but after a few months I gave in and ordered, so glad I tried this one last product.

I have now lost 36lbs and went from a very tight 20 to a 14, my knee and ankle pain is gone, I don’t follow a diet, I’m making healthy choices, I gave up soda totally and drink water, I added a lot of vegetables to all my meals, I started eating breakfast that I used to skip, I cut down on bread and pasta, I bake broil and grill meat,
My Doctor totally approved of skinny fiber and has recommended it to other patients.”


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