Tezzas Easy Stir Fry 500 grams (1 pound)

Tezzas Easy Stir Fry

500 grams (1 pound) chicken breast sliced into strips (you may use thighs if you prefer)
4-6 cups of chopped vegs (i have used a combination of everything that needed to be used up, which included onion, cabbage (red & standard), celery, carrot, broccolli, mushrooms, snow peas, capsicum (peppers) – red & green – any vege thats in the fridge that needs using up is suitable

2 dollops of sauce (i used mackenzies gluten free, chilli, lime & coconut sauce – but any will do)

spray oil of choice

Slice up your chicken into strips, put in a zip lock bag and add your sauce.
heat up pan and spray lightly with oil, add chicken and cook until done, remove from pan

add vegetable to pan, and cook until almost tender, add in chicken and mix gently until all warmed

remove from heat, serve up and enjoy

Serves 4

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