Monica has a skinny fiber testimony she

Monica has a skinny fiber testimony she would like to share with you . . . WOW!!!

“For those of you who are still on the fence about Skinny Fiber… or don’t think it works… here is the proof! My sister and I started this journey last fall. Like everyone else, we were very skeptical at first, and it took us a long time to actually take the plunge and make our very first purchase.
After taking …it for a few weeks I couldn’t believe the difference in my energy levels, my appetite, etc. but at that time I was working at a job that was a lot of shift work and I found it very hard to remember to take it. Well three months ago I just wasn’t feeling the greatest.. my blood pressure was high, my sugars were up and my cholesterol was high. I needed to do something and fast, so I thought I’d give the Skinny Fiber another shot, and this time give it a real chance and take it faithfully! I am so glad I did!!
Only a few weeks after being on it my doctor did bloodwork on me again and all my numbers came down.. my sugars, good and bad cholesterol are where they should be and my blood pressure as well. IBS is under control!! My doctor is not one to give you anything unless it’s the last resort but the nurse in his office told us he absolutely loves this stuff! He can’t promote it because it’s all 100% natural, and he’s a medical doctor! but he loves the stuff and was really happy when he learned I was on it.
The best feeling is when my husband comes home from working away every two weeks, and notices a difference each time!! and when family or friends mention it as well! Best feeling in the world.
The little things like getting in and out of our second car which is really low used to be such a struggle, and now is a piece of cake! Getting up off the couch was such a battle sometimes, going for walks was definitely out of the question because I’d get so short winded. The energy I have after being at work all day is remarkable, I can get just as much done in the evening after I get home as I could if I was home all day! So many things, and I am just SO thankful I gave this a second chance!
People ask me if you have to change your diet. Skinny Fiber works different for everyone. We are all different! For me personally, I try very hard to eat healthy but I am normal and like to eat out and love to bbq and it’s not always the healthiest meals on the bbq. We’ve gone away for a week, and our walks the last while have been cut way down, but we are back at it again. Skinny Fiber works, so when I get the chance to go out with friends or family, I don’t feel guilty like I used to.
My Mom and sister are also on Skinny Fiber and both have their own amazing stories which I will let them tell themselves”

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