JANIE!!! wOw ~ “Most of you know my sto

JANIE!!! wOw

~ “Most of you know my story and for those who don’t, The first picture was taken in July of 2012 at a family reunion and was my inspiration to do something about the way I looked as it was heart breaking to see myself like this, I joined a weight loss support group and just watched for months and researched the product, I like many of you have had a weight problem all my life and I was seeing great results from others and so me and the hubby said why not try it there is a 30 day guarantee so if it don’t work we can get our money back.

So Finally I ordered my first bottle at the end of September 2012….Since then ( and I haven’t been doing it faithfully as I should and do not exercise and at first did not watch my diet except I stopped drinking soda and switched to water only…Now we eat better, no processed foods and mainly fresh veggies and lean meats) Anyway I have lost about 80 lbs and as you can see several inches…I am proud of what I have accomplished thus far but I am not done….So What are you waiting for? Summer is approaching and for the first time since I was a teenager I won’t be ashamed to wear a bathing suit….What about you?”

Change YOUR Life & Health too!! Start here with me→

MESSAGE ME for any Questions http://ow.ly/i/6INce


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