Just in from Lacresia She says.. “Ahhhh

Just in from Lacresia

She says..
“Ahhhhhh!!! Here it is!! MY ONE-YEAR SKINNY-VERSARY!!!!! I DID IT!!! 40 lbs and 52 inches GONE!!!!
So glad that I was introduced to Skinny Fiber and love the support I have gotten from everyone since I started!!! I’m so proud of my results and at the same time kicking myself but hey…still have a long way to go!!!!!…
Started Skinny Fiber August 2013, I was dedicated to this product and now am super passionate about it and would suggest it to anyone because I know first hand what it can do!! Took those two capsules before my lunch and dinner and water is my new best friend!! I started out going to the rec center to work out as well as incorporating Hip Hop Abs into my routine. I started seeing results from the beginning, as my detox phase didn’t last too long at all. At 8 months I was down 32 pounds and in that time period hit a personal depression in my life and I lost track. I was on and off the bandwagon for a few months after that and ended strong. I’m kicking myself because I know I could have been further along, but love how far I have come and I thank everyone that was with me and supported me.
I’m looking forward to my next Skinny-versary because I know I will be much further along!!”

Change your health! Order your all natural Skinny Fiber today!! http://www.candsmom.SkinnyFiberPlus.com

*If you are using the Facebook App on a mobile device, then open up Safari or Chrome and type in the URL directly. Do not google it as it’s a direct link to the website. http://ow.ly/i/6AJK5


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