This is my friend Ruby…she looks FANTA

This is my friend Ruby…she looks FANTASTIC!!! So proud of her!

Ruby says..
“So here’s my not so perfect before and after pics. I was so inspired this past weekend being around so many winners, I had to post. I can’t ask anyone to do it if I don’t. This picture ranges from Nov 2013- April 2014. I had lost 40 pounds by then. I still have a ways to go but am so excited about my results so far. I’…ve had a few setbacks along my journey. First in Dec I got a severe case of Vertigo which left me deaf in one ear and the dizziness lasted until about a month ago! Just started driving again. Then in Jan this year I had appendicitis….really?!? During my recovery, I was fed every fast food known to man! Nobody here cooks. I didn’t gain any weight either! I JUST started exercising, walking squats, simple stuff. With the Vertigo and hearing loss, I was unbalanced and still can’t tell what and where sounds are or coming from.
BUT! in spite of that, I am a happier and more confident person these days and don’t mind having my picture taken anymore. Lastly, I HAD Sleep Apnea. Since I’ve lost the weight, my husband says I sleep very quietly now. That’s HUGE! That’s a life saver! This has been the best thing for me on so many levels. Posting this is probably one of the scariest things I have ever done but you are more important than my fear. I’m a Skinny Fiber lifer!”

Order your all natural Skinny Fiber today! Your health is worth it and you are going to love how you feel!!


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