Karen says: “I love SF, I have lost 2 p

Karen says:
“I love SF, I have lost 2 pants sizes, 1 bra size, 1 shirt size, I started sf on 7/13/13 approx 5 wks ago. I have not had a pop in 5 wks I don’t crave it, all my cravings for sweets are gone. I reach for fruits and vegs. I have so much more energy, I wake up refreshed, instead of sluggish. The amazing part is not side affects, NO POUNDING HEART, NO RACING HEART BEAT, I can still have the foods I like, but with SF I just can’t eat as much. So glad I had someone who cared enough about me to lead me to SF. She is an angel. If anyone has doubts about SF, They have nothing to lose but inches and weight, there is a 30 day empty bottle return. Skinny Fiber is the one that works, No doubt about it–Skinny Fiber WORKS!”

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