Who’s Next? Join the 90 Day Challenge T

Who’s Next? Join the 90 Day Challenge Today!! Go here:

Check out Tracey…

Update!!! I’ve completed my 90 day challenge with Skinny Fiber!! I am 40 years old and thought I would never look thin again! I have not exercised. I try to drink more water but its hard for me. 80 ounces a day if I can (Half my body weight in ounces). I will admit that this month I have missed a lot of my pills and was eating horribly again AND drinking way toooooo much but I’m back on track! SF makes me feel full and I eat less. Love it! My acid reflux is gone!! No more throwing up in the shower or on myself in the car (I know, GROSS). I lost 11 pounds and 19.5 inches all around which is the MAIN THING I NEEDED. Also my anxiety has not been bothering me and my nails are super strong! I LOVE SKINNY FIBER!!! (Look how baggie the bathing suit bottoms are getting, teehee) http://ow.ly/i/6vKNG


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