Congrats Dominique!!!! You are doing FAN

Congrats Dominique!!!! You are doing FANTASTIC!!! Who’s Next? Join the 90 Day Challenge Today!! Go here:

Here is her story…

“Let me not pull any punches. Skinny Fiber changed my life. Honestly. At a point where I was nearly starving and exercising like a manic, yet unable to lose an inch, Skinny Fiber saved the day. Sure, okay, I know I sound like an infomercial, howev…er, the before and after photo MUST speak for itself. So far I’ve lost approximately 20 something ish pounds since my sister’s wedding in May 2013. I’m proud of my progress. This product is so awesome that I’m recommending to everyone I know, even those who are exercising and paying a trainer and are hitting plateaus. You can’t beat a product that detoxes you, gives you fiber and makes you feel full and is all natural to boot. Get on board and start your weight loss journey today.
Side note: The “After” photo was at the 30 day point. I’m currently nearing the 60 day point and know that will be more of a transformation as well. Once I complete the 90 Day Challenge I know even “I” won’t believe the results.


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