Check out Stephanie, AMAZING!!! So PROUD

Check out Stephanie, AMAZING!!! So PROUD of her!! Are you ready yet???

She shares..
“Hi my name is Stephanie. I was over 200 lbs suffered from many illnesses hypo thyroidism, stomach issues, pain, muscle spasms, nerve problems, anemic, low/high blood pressure and IBS. I have been on skinny fiber for 7 months now. At my 3 month mark I visited my dr because I was feeling really weird. He said lets get off all meds and come back in 3 months. Well I went back in May. My thyroid levels are good, I’m no longer having stomach pains, my back isn’t hurting anymore, my muscle only acts crazy when I do to much, my legs haven’t been going crazy as much, my blood pressure is at a normal state, I’m no longer anemic and I haven’t had as many issues with IBS! Coincident? I think not!! I’m sleeping better, My moods are better, and my sex drive is back. I’m in control of my life now! This is my 9 month photo. WOW it doesn’t feel that long! Size 20 to a size 14, so far 20 lbs gone with very little exercise.. I had to have a total hip replacement at the age of 35 and I’m not to stand longer than 15 min, no running, limit walking, no squatting, no jumping, no bending over and if I do I pay for it later with not being able to move.”

Skinny Fiber is helping so many people lose weight and get healthy again!!
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