This is Meghan Mcquinn!!! Wow…She is a

This is Meghan Mcquinn!!! Wow…She is almost at her GOAL !!! I can’t wait to have curves like those! Way to go Meghan!!! Here is what she has to say…

Just wanted to share my 60 day update!!

This is 100% from Skinny Fiber but I have also had to go gluten free due to reactions from the gluten. My journey started after I got engaged a couple of days before Christmas ( he got excited and couldn’t wait the couple extra days hehe). But I was unhappy with myself and I suffer from now what I know as IBS which causes excruciating pain in my lower right hand side that sometimes is so bad I don’t want to get out of bed. And I knew I needed a big change before my wedding day. From my IBS and no doctor being able to tell me what’s wrong for so long (8 years and misdiagnoses) caused depression and panic attacks multiple times a day. Since starting Skinny Fiber I have not had a panic attack in 7 weeks and my depression has significantly lessened. I finally feel like me again and I am SO excited to marry my best friend next year. I still have a ways to go yet but I am working on it!
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