Angela and here is her story!!! You know

Angela and here is her story!!!
You know when you get to the point when you say enough is enough?? And your body says PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO MY NEEDS!!!! Well, I made a choice, a conscious, present choice, to do just that!

I have been working on my journey now for 9 long years. That is a long time to struggle, to go through the emotions of not feeling good enough or pretty enough or even worthy enough because of extra weight! During that 9 years I went back and forth from 268 and 180 lbs…like a yoyo!! I tried tons of diets and tons of pills as well as shakes, wraps, points, low carb, liquid drops, green coffee, the shots, the powdered foods, full meal replacements … on and on …and on… loose the weight, gain the weight, gain more weight, money out the door! Work out harder.. feel good one day and not the next grrrrrr right! Tired of the battle!

Well, lucky me!! Skinny Fiber walked into my life! It was approved by my doctor, it’s all natural, and it doesn’t conflict with my other meds. I started my 90 day challenge 42 days ago. I drink 64-96 oz of water a day and I have made some substitutions in my food choices. I am down an additional 13 lbs and 16 inches with Skinny Fiber!!! I don’t feel like I am starving or deprived in any way.. I actually have to remind myself to eat!! Not to mention it completely resolved my headaches and night sweats from my menopause!! Whoop whoop!

So my dear friends, here I am weeks later. I take Skinny Fiber daily. I use it for my health and well being and I can’t wait for summer!!!! This is going to be the best summer of my life!! I encourage you to sign up right now and take the 90 day challenge! I PROMISE it will change your life.

100% natural! NO wraps! NO shakes! NO fake food! NO hormones!! Start here:

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