Chili Stuffed Yams (Photo by Lorinda F.)

Chili Stuffed Yams
(Photo by Lorinda F.)

2 yams (fist size)
1/2 c. chili with beans
2 Tbsp. Mozarella cheese, grated
sour cream, optional

Preheat oven to 375°F. Wash and scrub yams. Pierce 2 times.

Bake yams for 30-45 minutes or until tender.

When yams are almost done, begin heating chili beans up.

Make a slice down the middle of yam, keeping from cutting all the way through. Using a towel or pot holder, gently squeeze ends together toward center to form a boat like shape with yam. Take fork and carefully scrape yam away from sides of skin.

Using 1/4 cup of chili beans, place it in center of each yam. Add cheese and sour cream, if desired. Enjoy!

Calories 203, Carbs 38, Fat 3, Protein 8, Sodium 216, Sugar 6

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