Kimberly is really kickin it with Skinny

Kimberly is really kickin it with Skinny Fiber.
For those of you who think losing weight is hard you are right but if you are determined like I am nothing is impossible This has been a long journey with a few health issues that makes my progress a bit slower than some but I am winning!! I have been taking skinny fiber for 13 months & not always staying true to it… I will give you that much!! Do I weigh myself … NEVER!! I measure & go by the way my clothes fit as a matter of fact I even threw my scales out I kid you not as looking at the numbers only made me depressed and less determined to continue .. As ashamed as I feel by telling you all this I went up to a tight 16 could have easily wore an 18 in some things to a nice 10 & even some 8`s .. Do I want to be skinny NO that`s not me I love my curves I want to feel good inside be healthy & not be ashamed of myself when I look in the mirror.. My fatty liver & high enzymes & my high cholesterol amongst other things are screaming with joy since being on Skinny Fiber… I owe it all to my good friend Brandi for coming into my life when I was so down on myself because nothing else had worked for me… When your doctors send you home crying you know it`s time to crack down!!! I am a work in progress & I will continue to do so as long as it takes
If you or a family member have struggled with your weight like I have and thousands of other`s why not start today make those changes .You have the choice.. How bad do you want it?

Are you Ready? To order your Skinny Fiber and get started please go to so I can personally help YOU on your journey to a healthier and happier life!


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