Kathalean is the epitome of a winning sp

Kathalean is the epitome of a winning spirit and attitude! You MUST read her amazing story!
This is my very own personal testimony of my experience so far with Skinny Fiber. I am putting this out here for everyone to see so they know that this is a real live person…
I started Skinny Fiber on April 23, 2013. I was very skeptical of this product because all of the results I have seen seemed too good to be true. But because I have tried almost everything on the market with no luck I figured why not. Besides, my health and life depends on it. I was diagnosed with Pseudo tumor Cerebra 09/11/2011 and have gone through multiple brain surgeries since then. Due to 2 massive infections from the shunts I had placed, My new neurosurgeon decided it would be best to manage my condition with medication and weight loss because my body rejects the material the shunt is made of. At diagnosis I weighed 198 pounds at 5’2. The most I had weighed my entire life! The only way I got down in weight was because of how sick I was but the doctors told me it wasn’t enough loss yet.
So When I started my journey with Skinny Fiber I weighed 172 pounds.
One month later I am happy to announce my weight is 166 pounds
I lost 6 pounds and 10.5 inches in my first month
My appetite is controlled, no more late night cravings, my monthly is not as painful, no acne breakouts, depression is less… I sleep deeper at night and my self esteem is skyrocketing… I have not worked out and haven’t really dieted… in fact there were quite a few days I ate like crap and even forgot to take my skinny fiber one time… I plan to work out and watch my food intake with the second bottle!!!! If you are skeptical of trying skinny fiber please give it a chance… you have nothing to lose except the weight and inches… It was the best decision I have made and I plan to continue with this and see where I end up in another month!!!
This second picture is a comparison of me from 1 year ago to now. I have not been on Skinny Fiber the whole time only 2 ½ months and Skinny Fiber is the only thing to help me to lose weight and believe you me I was a hardcore skeptic when I heard about this for the first time… Took me a few months to suck it up and give it a go and it is the best thing I have ever done…

100% natural! NO wraps! NO shakes! NO fake food! NO hormones!! Start here: http://www.candsmom.SBCSpecial.com

If you are using the Facebook App on a mobile device, iPad or tablet, open up Safari or Chrome and type the website directly into the address bar http://ow.ly/i/6brR9


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