This is me Marsha and this is the end of

This is me Marsha and this is the end of my 3rd 90 day Challenge!!
So far I’m down 89 lbs. !!!
Here are my beginning measurement’s and my today measurements
Starting Now Amount lost
Waist- 61 in 45.8 in -15.2 in
Hips- 54.1 in 47.6 in -6.5 in
Chest- 50.1 in 42 in -8.1 in
With all the other measurement’s I take I’ve lost a total of 50″ all over!
I had hit a plateau after my last 90 day challenge and it picked up after I started taking my walks again. I honestly don’t know where I’d be today if I haven’t giving Skinny Fiber a try, with that and dedication, determination and self control I’ve come this far and I’m not done just yet!
Before Skinny fiber I would have never been able to get up and walk far the back pain I was suffering didn’t allow me to get far before it took me out. My legs were swollen which made it that much harder to get around. I would get shortness of breath and would have to stop to catch my breath. As far as my sleep apnea I haven’t been back to have another sleep study test but I can say I sleep through the night without waking up struggling to breath and no longer wake up with headaches. Also I find myself waking up on my back which anyone with sleep apnea will tell you is a no no when you have it. So with that said if I had to take a guess I would say that’s gone or way under control! I sleep great at night don’t even need sleep aids to get there!
Here is a list of things that since I’ve been on skinny fiber hasn’t bothered me since a week after or no more than a month later just totally stopped bothering me.
My Arthritis in my spine – week later which made it possible to get around
Sleep – within a week or two was taking sleeping pills just to be able to fall asleep.
Swelling in my legs- left after a month right after a couple months
Headaches/Migraines after a couple weeks and got over the detox.
I’m off my Cholesterol pills, high blood pressure pills, any and all pain pills, water pills and there are more I can’t remember I was on a total of 8 and now only take one for my restless leg syndrome . I can say the restless leg syndrome don’t bother me much unless I don’t get much sleep!
No more Cramps! (PMS) not even the mood swings that come with it!
Ok I know there is more and I’m just forgetting but I covered a lot that I’m thankful that’s gone since I’ve started my journey with Skinny Fiber.
With that said here is my update! I’m still a work in progress!
Oh and before I forget Hubby Started with me in January of this year and is down 26 lbs.!!!!
Just an FYI I will be starting my 4th 90 Day Challenge as I’m still a work in progress and have a ways to go! I absolutely love skinny fiber and what it has done for me!!

100% natural! NO wraps! NO shakes! NO fake food! NO hormones!! Start here:

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