This is my gorgeous teammate, Kayla…sh

This is my gorgeous teammate, Kayla…she is just awesome! If YOU are on the fence about Skinny Fiber, Jump off and order yours and let’s get you on the road to weight loss and better health! With our new 90 Day Guarantee when you join the 90 Day Challenge, you have no excuse not to give Skinny Fiber an honest try!
Let me tell you a little about this miracle I call Skinny Fiber. This photo is me not even at my heaviest weight. I started skinny fiber on May 4th, 2012 weighing 210 pounds. I was miserable, suffered from migraines for years, ate horribly, drank soda like a mad woman, craved chocolate and chips daily… my body was just shot.
Within one week, I was down 8 pounds. I was pretty impressed! I kept going! I used skinny fiber religiously for three months and went down to 170 pounds, which is what I weighed in the first picture here. So three months, no exercise, and lost 40 pounds. That’s pretty awesome!!
I needed surgery for a personal issue (NOT weight loss surgery) in October, so I stopped Skinny fiber From August until October and I didn’t gain any weight back!!!
I began again on October 8th 2012 and started losing again. In my second photo, which is July, 2013, I weigh 136 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I sleep better, all night long and I am well rested! I have not had a migraine headache since JUNE of 2012. I no longer crave chocolate or chips or soda and I am able to control my portion sizes!!!
I went from a TIGHT size 16 down to a size FIVE in juniors!! I am getting married on August 3rd of this year and my wedding dress is a size six… it had to be taken in SEVEN inches!!
Don’t wait.. take control of your life and get your body healthy!! You Can do this!! I know you can because I did!!!!

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