Chorizo Croquettes♥ ✽♥ Be sure to SHARE

Chorizo Croquettes♥
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4 people
32 minutes

Prep Time:
20 minutes
Cook Time:
12 minutes

2 x Slices Village Bakery white sliced bread

1 x 400g Sweet Harvest chick peas

1 x medium red onion

100g Sonetta Spanish Ring Chorizo

1 x Teaspoon Stonemills dried oregano

1 x large egg

20g The Pantry plain flour

Black pepper

Solesta Sunflower oil – to fry

Snackrite tomato salsa – to serve

Using a food processor – make some breadcrumbs with the sliced bread, put to one side.

Peel and chop the onion finely.

Chop the chorizo finely.

Drain the chick peas and put in the food processor, pulse till they are mashed, add the dried oregano, chopped onion and chorizo and season with some black pepper- process for a couple to mix well.

Turn the mixture out on a board and divide into 8.

Mould them into torpedo shapes.

Whisk the egg well.

Dip the croquettes into the flour, then egg then breadcrumbs.

Saute them in some oil till crisp and golden.

Serve alongside the tomato salsa.

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