Smoked Mackerel Pasta Salad♥ ✽♥ Be sure

Smoked Mackerel Pasta Salad♥
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2 people
1 hour 25 minutes

Prep Time:
10 minutes
Cook Time:
25 minutes

200g x Penne

1 pack x Lemon and herb smoked mackerel

1 pack x Peppered smoked mackerel

½ jar x Specially selected green pesto

20g x Specially selected parmesan

1 handful x Rocket

1 packet x Cherry tomatoes

Boil the pasta in rapid boiling water for 12 minutes – immediately run under cold tap until pasta is fully cooled.

Prepare the mackerel by peeling of the skin and pulling the fish away from the bones. Flake the mackerel. Halve the cherry tomatoes and shave the parmesan – with a vegetable peeler.

Mix the pasta, cherry tomatoes and half of the fish and the pesto together in a bowl. Present in a large bowl and top with the rocket, parmesan and remaining mackerel.


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