Sylvia’s Crispy Skinny Tacos♥ ✽♥ Be sur

Sylvia’s Crispy Skinny Tacos♥
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4-6 regular sized tortillas (corn or flour)
1 lb lean ground beef or turkey (or mixture)
1 envelope low sodium taco seasoning mix
1 can low fat refried beans
Shredded lettuce, cheese & tomatoes
low fat sour cream
Bake tacos in oven for 10″ at 400 degrees. I used my Perfect Tortilla Makers but you can turn a muffin pan upside down and mold the tortillas into the pan into little taco bowls.
Meanwhile, brown beef or turkey, add water and seasoning mix (per envelope directions)
Heat refried beans in microwave or in skillet with small amount of olive oil.
Prepare your tacos as follows:
Put beans in bottom of baked tortilla
Add ground meat
top off with lettuce, tomatoes, grated cheese and sour cream
Variation: If you use the Extra Large tortillas, you can make it more like a taco salad and put the beans in the bottom, add lettuce, meat, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream in that order
Add jalapenos, hot sauce, black olives or whatever else you want.


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