Hey Loves~ Donna here can you believe Sk

Hey Loves~ Donna here can you believe Skinny Fiber has taken me from 210 pounds to 165 in a little over 10 months.
What a difference Skinny Fiber and determination make; I am living proof. My journey with Skinny Fiber began on September 4, 2013. I was being treated by my PCP for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Depression, and Anxiety; taking a small variety of prescription medications on a daily basis just to function. In addition to having those few minor medical problems, I was at risk for another, obesity. According to my BMI, 29.9, which is overweight, it is also .1 from being obese; no way was I going there again. At my heaviest, I was almost 300 pounds, after losing 123 pounds and keeping it off for 2 years, I swore I would never let myself go again. Well that didn’t happen.
In September 2011, while seeing my doctor for chronic pain and numbness in my hands, he put me on medical leave indefinitely for the conditions listed above, less the IBS. It was at that moment my whole world can crash down I had lost my independence. After seeing several specialists, an orthopedic that diagnosed me with several carpal tunnel in hands, a psychiatrist & therapist for depression & anxiety, and a pain doctor for the fibro; it seemed I had to become dependent on them to make me better. Granted they did, and so did the medications they had me taking or so I thought. This went on for almost two years, until I found Skinny Fiber.
Like most, I learned about Skinny Fiber on Facebook through a post shared by a friend; it had a link on it to join a weight loss support group that I clicked. Boy am I glad I did. I was on a weight loss regimen of my own, having gained 73 pounds back from being off work. I was fat and I was miserable, neither of which help when you are depressed, needless to say, what I was doing myself just wasn’t enough I needed help. I sent a request to join and was graciously accepted by Tasha, my guru. I started eating healthier, drinking more water, and doing her monthly challenges, despite the effort I was not seeing the results I was striving for. She would post recipes, wt. loss tips, and these testimonies of people taking a dietary supplement twice daily and were losing weight, even with making no changes to their lifestyle. I have to admit, at first I was skeptical, and I mean really who sees these types of results after just a short amount of time? These incredible people taking Skinny Fiber, that’s who. So after a few months, I decided to bite the bullet and order one bottle, I mean there was a 30 day money back guarantee if I wasn’t completely satisfied, so why not.
I began my Skinny Fiber journey on September 4, weighing in at 210 pounds, wearing a tight size 18 pant and 1X tops. I wasn’t sure what to expect, I knew my body would go through a detox cycle, I just didn’t know how long it takes for me to start noticing or seeing results. For me it took three days seriously. As someone who suffered from IBS, I was lucky to go to the bathroom once every 10 days; on day three I had gone several times. By the end of my first month, I was no longer bloated and irritable, as IBS makes you, plus I had lost 6 pounds and 13 total body inches. I was sold; Skinny Fiber was working for me in ways I never imagined possible.
Fast forward to today. Thanks to Skinny Fiber, eating healthy, daily workouts, a lot of water, and sheer determination I have lost 45 pounds and over 100 total body inches. I no longer suffer the ill-effects of my IBS; I am definitely regulated in that department. As for my depression and anxiety they have all but disappeared and I no longer seek treatment for them. I mean how can you be depressed when you see a totally different person standing before you. My BMI is now at 26.2, which is still considered over-weight according to the charts in the doctor’s office; but you know what, I don’t care what it says, I know how I feel. I feel and look healthy. I love the energy, stamina, and confidence…


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