100% natural! NO wraps! NO boring shakes! NO fake food! NO hormones!! NO chemicals!! NO KIDDING!!

Looking awesome Amber 😀

Ok i had to share my results with Skinny Fiber. Last year no lie in December I was weighing in at 165, well just this past week at walmart I opened one of the scales, since I don’t own one, and wouldn’t you believe it, it said 147, that’s almost 20 pounds. I have been on Skinny Fiber since January when I took on the 90 day challenge which just ended the end of April. I just started my second 90 challenge last month hoping to loose at least 10 more pounds. But I am so happy with my results. I changed nothing but walking each day and I drink more fluids which is mainly water, I go through a case of 36 a week. I have absolutely no craving for soda. I use to be a big candy eater and now when my hubby goes to store and asks if I want any I say no, because now it seems too sweet for me. Also while sitting down for dinner my portions are even smaller, my hubby will look at me and say are you not hungry or you feel well? I feel great honey, couldn’t feel any better. I’m getting more sleep. I sleep completely through the night and barely EVER wake up in the middle of the night. Which means more energy to carry on for the next day!! Yes Skinny Fiber is just that easy with just taking 2 capsules 2x a day, I can live with that, especially now that the kids are home for the summer, I want to spend more time on them.

100% natural! NO wraps! NO shakes! NO fake food! NO hormones!! Start here: http://www.candsmom.SkinnyFiberPlus.com10440736_306139136216774_3312604256555310291_n


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