100% natural! NO wraps! NO shakes! NO fake food! NO hormones!!

If you suffer from any kind of depression, anxiety, low immunity, any kind of disease … you need to read what Stacie has to say … she is now PAIN FREE!!! MEDICATION FREE!! SICKNESS FREE!!

“Hello everyone, I’m Stacie. I have planned to do an update for awhile now, so here it finally is. I have suffered from numerous ailments for most of my life. Looking through every picture, from about age 14 to age 39, I can tell you how I was feeling that day, and it was usually bad. Pain and sickness can make you pretty crazy, depressed, feeling alone and your give-a-damn is busted most of the time.

Because of medications (I think I’ve taken all there is out there for every ailment), pain and sickness (bedridden 50% of the time) and depression (have always fought being sick and tired and tired and sick!), I have always been up and down in my weight. Some illnesses I was diagnosed with were Crohn’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, High Cholesterol, Premenopausal, Stage 3 Hidradenitis Suppurativa, Disc Degeneration, Bulging Discs, Sciatica, Hiatal Hernia, Acid Reflux, Bell’s Palsy, Anemic, Insomnia, Panic Attacks, Hammer Toes and Bunions, low immunity and unable to fight most infections, and believe it or not… there’s more I am not gonna list! Major surgeries have left me scarred and looking mutilated, and were temporary fixes, but never a cure.

My mother has had to care for me and my children, so much, and I’ve had to have Hospice care as well. I remember thinking, so many times, that I wished one of these illnesses would go ahead and take me, I just wanted to be done with this life! I also remember thinking that if I’ve felt this bad for this long, how in the world will I face getting older when your body really starts getting aches and pains and falling apart?!! My story is very long, very depressing, and I have kept most of it to myself for all of these years. If someone asked how I was doing, it was easier to lie. I would say “GREAT, and how are you” just to change the subject off of me and not bring people down.

I am sharing this, now, because I want to scream to the world that “I AM ALIVE!” I began Skinny Fiber, last year, and I swear to you that I am still in shock at how wonderful life is, now! NO MORE PAIN! NO MORE SICKNESS! NO MORE DEPRESSION! NO MORE MEDICATIONS… NONE!!! No more night sweats, my cycle has returned to normal, my energy level is absolutely AMAZING!!! I laugh, now! I wake up feeling rested!

To those who are my closest friends and some of my family, who have endured the burden of caring for me all of these years… I am okay, now, and you don’t have to worry about me anymore! Where I used to be good for 3-4 hrs., I can go all day, now, without a nap! Ha! I have lost 31 lbs. all together, not sure how many inches but I know it’s a bunch, and what’s better than that, is how awesome I am feeling!! I enjoy all kinds of activities with my children and friends, where I was lucky to make out to watch and spectate any activities, before! I wish everyone who is suffering from any kind of ailment could try Skinny Fiber. It’s changed my life, completely, and I look forward to a healthier future, I will take this for life!! SKINNY FIBER ROCKS!!”

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! On making the decision to change your life – NATURALLY!!!

100% natural! NO wraps! NO shakes! NO fake food! NO hormones!! Start here: http://www.candsmom.SkinnyFiberPlus.com/?SOURCE=blog10442504_580898048675835_639423241531184190_n


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